Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adoption news from Rescue Riviera!

Barbie, the little black Chihuahua who was red-listed at the Baldwin Park shelter  has been adopted by Claire Maury and renamed Cali, short for California. This adorable little Riviera Rescue girl has lucked out and is loving her new French life. She'll always be safe, her new mom is a nurse! Here she is, soaking up love in the arms of her new family instead of getting the needle in an Los Angeles shelter. She sends a big thank you tail wag to the Santa Cruz SPCA and to Ric Browde for getting her out of there.  Welcome to Nice, Cali!

Mickey (below, center)  has been adopted by Marcy Laturno and her boyfriend Bon! Check him out in his French bed, with his French ménage à trois (the 2 lucky Yorkies in the bed with him) in his new French digs! 

Mickey celebrated last night at a special Riviera Rescue champagne cocktail. He ran around like a happy madman. We are all so pleased for him!

Marcy and Bon have given little Micky the jet-set life on the Riviera. Marcy is in the yacht business and Mickey is going to be stylin' on the Côte D'Azur. 
His new family lives one block from the Parc Mozart, in the heart of Nice, where he goes every evening to hang out with his other Riviera Rescue buds. Welcome to Nice, Mickey!

HoneyBee (below), the little Lahsa Apso who was on death row in an L.A. shelter has been adopted into the loving home of Madame Collado. HoneyBee was the supermodel of Riviera Rescue and she has been pouncing and trotting and skipping down the Riviera garden path since her adoption. She lives with Madame Collado and her new sister, a King Charles Spaniel. The two of them play all day together in their private garden, sleep in bed with their mom  and come to the Parc Mozart every evening to catch up of their Rescue Riviera buddies.  "She's pure joy, she's the joy of my life," says Madame Collado, with tears in her eyes. 

Gumdrop has dropped into the artistic and loving home of Julia Martinez and her daughter. Julia, a native of Mexico who moved to France when she was a young girl, is a local painter. She has renamed Gumdrop Guimauve, which means marshmallow. "He never leaves my side--I've never been so happy," says Julia. "He sleeps on the pillow above my head at night and he is the most loving dog. I'm happy, happy, happy." We're happy for you, Guimauve. We have a feeling he will be sitting for his portrait soon enough and will not only be hanging around Nice but his portrait will be in galleries. This weekend, he went with his new mom to Avignon and will be going to the theater. When he comes home from his Provencal holiday, he'll be meeting us for tea in Nice.

Dinky, renamed Charlie, was the saddest of the Riviera Rescue dogs. He was covered in matts and ticks, according to an email we received from a volunteer who works with the Santa Cruz SPCA. He was skinny and had lived a very hard life in a puppy mill. We discovered that he had been debarked by the cruel people who abused him and dumped him at Kern animal control. After being in foster care with our friend Richard Drevon, Jocelyne Dechaume and her husband Jacques decided they wanted to adopt him. Jocelyne is one of the heroes of Riviera Rescue. She was the first one in Nice to offer help and even came to the airport to clean cages and smooth out the administrative problems we had to deal with.  Charlie sleeps in bed with the Dechaumes and their little Yorkie, Angie, and he has blossomed into a happy, bouncy little dog. "He's a smart little dog," says Jacques Dechaume. "I'm going to take him to work with me. He's discovering everything for the first time." It should be an interesting life for little Charlie, because his new dad is a maritime insurance investigator. He'll be yacht hopping on the Riviera. His new mom can't stop holding and kissing him. "His life is going to be all kisses and love from now on," says Jocelyne.

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